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Welcome to the
Managed Mentoring
Program Website

Become a competent beekeeper.

Learning how to become a beekeeper is not simply putting bees in a box. Like other livestock, there is quite a bit to know to do it well. It takes years to learn how to keep bees and we are here to help you through the learning process.


What is the MM program?

MM is a free two-year plan to get you up and running.

This program provides timely guidance through a mix of online video lessons and regularly scheduled online live meetings.

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Beekeeper examining a honey bee frame

Kevin Inglin

Eastern Apiculture Society Master Beekeeper

Thank you for visiting this Getting Started in Beekeeping website, I am the program creator.

With this program, we guide you on a path to becoming a competent beekeeper.

This program exists because we do not want to see new beekeepers struggle and become frustrated, especially given there are not a lot of experienced mentors available to help guide the way.

Our hope is that with the guidance and lessons we provide, we can make your journey easier, and we reap the rewards of supporting beekeepers who are great caretakers of their bees.

Timing for getting started – Too Late?

The logical time to start to become a beekeeper is around New Year’s Day. Of course, this website is up all year long and there is no way of knowing what day it is that you have found your way here.

No matter….We have some guidance for you and suggest you visit our page which gives you some options to consider if you are here to learn how to start keeping bees.


What will I Learn? What is the Program?

To get a sense of the program, click the link to see the webpage that has an overview of the program design.

It outlines the two-year, program, and the phases. It also provides a list of the lessons.

The information is presented in a calendar format so you can have a sense of what you will learn, and when.