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Communication Challenges

The Trouble with Emails

Struggling to get through SPAM Filters

We purchased a subscription to an email delivery tool called Constant Contact in order to simplify email communications to program participants.

Unfortunately, we have been struggling with the emails getting through and were unaware until recently that many of the program participants have not been getting the email notifications that we have been sending all along – Especially for those who are using GMAIL.

Ideally, the program efforts could be focused on creating the content, but we find that we have to focus on the ‘administrivia’ of fixing communications – and have dedicated some time to this lately. We have a few changes to go – and some improvements on the horizon as we navigate the complex setups for message delivery.

If you find that things are quiet from the program, now that we have been sending several emails a month and you are probably in the group that has been effectively blocked by the SPAM prevention at Google.

I recently changed message deliver to come from a Google GMAIL account (my personal one dang it) to see if that can improve the pass through and I think it is working.

This is probably too much information, but we have to work on some SPF/DKIM pass-through filter configurations for our constant contact instance which should also help present us as a ‘friend’ and not some spam bot clogging the internet.

Bear with us as we work through the growing pains.

If in the month of JULY 2023 you do not receive a message from MM, can you please let us know by sending a note to comments@managedmentoring

This will help us to know you are one of the members we are trying to solve for.

In the interim we will be posting the upcoming online meeting details here for program participants and if you are in the handful of those who are not getting our messages, you can keep posted in the blog on how to attend upcoming online sessions.

Thanks for hearing us out on this…. Kevin

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